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laudanumdreams's Journal

Laudanum Dreams
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Welcome to my humble fanworks journal! On occasion I like to mangle experiment with various characters and fandoms. The results of these epxeriments can be found here.

Works may contain exceptionally attractive vampires/shinigami/morally questionable gentlemen, angst, mutilation of canon, tastefully ambiguous smut, self-indulgent references to classical literature/mythology and thinly disguised fangirling.

I write in a variety of genres, and I write both het and yaoi. No yuri at the moment, but I have nothing against it, I just don't write it. Some of my fiction containts adult concepts and dark themes, please exercise due caution. Everything is labelled. I'd rather not do anyone permanent mental harm. :p

Graphics are usually anime/manga themed, but may also span various music genres, fashion, models, random pretty things or anything else that takes my fancy.


Toddle over to this post here for further information.


Vampire Knight * Kuroshitsuji * Godchild * Angel Sanctuary * Cantarella * Code Geass * Gorgeous Charat * FAKE * Junjou Romantica * Saiyuki * Gravitation * Death Note * Ludwig Kakumei * The Cain Saga * Seimaden * Witch Hunter Robin * Trinity Blood * Blood+ * NCIS * LOST * Cowboy Bebop * Black Lagoon * Saiyuki * D. Gray-man * Darker Than Black